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Personal Finance

Band of Savers: We are a personal finance blog ran by a young father with two awesome little boys. I am a full time financial analyst and my beautiful wife is a Play-at-Home Mom. In our society, opting for a dual income and sending your kids off to day care is becoming more of a norm as people often see this as their only option to make ends meet. We fear that allowing other people to raise our children is too great a price to pay for a bigger house or nicer cars. We don’t make a lot but have found ways to make a great life on only one income and hope to share what we have learned to help other families be able to live this dream as well.

Whether you’re needing a little extra money to make ends meet, striving for early retirement, raising your kids yourself, or saving for a vacation, college, wedding… (you fill in the blank), we want you to join us and learn how to manage your money and teach the rest of us the secrets that you know and love. When you stand alone, anything can seem daunting. But when you stand as part of a movement, all things become attainable. Brothers and Sisters, come, band together, build the tribe, and together we will all save and triumph.